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This is a fun short story, with vivid colors and simple words that will capture the attention of both toddlers and beginning readers.With each page of the book, another brightly colored bird comes and joins in with the bird song. The birds all sit together on the branch and continue singing as more and more birds join them, until a flashy, loud bird joins them, and he wants to be the loudest of the group. That is until something changes his tune and that something is a very small quiet thing.My kids and I adore this story, as my son enjoys reading the story outloud and my daughter loves the brightly colored birds in the pictures. I like the story as it captures both of my childrens attention while sharing a great message to kids that they dont always have to be the best and loudest at everything they do. I would recommend picking up this as its fitting for both the classroom and at home, and its one preschool age kids on up will enjoy.

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